Annual Solar Service & Membership Plans

Annual Solar Service & Membership Plans

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Services Offered
  • On-Site System Analysis and Detailed Report
  • Remove and Reinstall PV Panels (RnR)
  • PV Solar Panel Cleaning
  • Hybrid Hot Water Heaters
  • Special Repairs and Upgrades
  • Battery Backup Storage Advice

Solar Service & Membership Plans

Your Photovoltaic Solar Panels have no moving parts, and are sometimes labeled as “set-it-and-forget-it”— but this doesn’t mean your home solar system is free from maintenance. Over the 20+ years of your panels’ warrantied lifetime, many issues can arise. Choose a maintenance plan above, and Sunbility will take care of everything else! 

Solar customers typically run into the following issues:

Your PV panels stopped working, are shattered and broken, or are covered in a thick layer of Florida pollen and require a good cleaning.

Your original solar install company has closed its doors, abandoned its customers or is no longer responding to your requests for service and maintenance.

Your system has lost its connection to the internet, or you suddenly realize your monthly bills are higher than normal.

Sunbility's Solar Membership Promise

Our service department is certified in SolarEdge, Enphase, Tesla, Generac and other cutting edge solar equipment.

With our extensive Solar Service & Maintenance Plan, you will be fully covered when anything happens to your system. Breakages, dust build-ups and performance dips are all monitored and serviced by the experts at Sunbility.

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Membership & Service FAQs

It is imperative that you have a monitoring plan in place to allow us to monitor your system. If you are not currently monitoring your system, or if your system is offline or is obsolete, we can get you back ONLINE and provide you with discounted 24/7 monitoring options and reporting.

Our Membership Plans cover 24/7 monitoring, and provide discounts on services, equipment, and upgrades. With Sunbility you can relax knowing your solar system is being professionally monitored by a team that covers all of your solar needs.

The Sunbility plan does not cover damage caused by acts of nature events or physical damage to the system. We will provide a 20% discount on labor, if needed. If another issue arises during the term of your service plan, we will discount the labor by 20%. If you choose not to have the system check, we will offer an $50 voucher towards a future plan.

Installers provide you with a workmanship warranty, but Sunbility specializes in a full range of service issues that go well beyond workmanship, including equipment failure, off-line status, warranty service coverage and other issues. Sunbility provides 24/7 monitoring, and will notify you when issues are detected that affect your solar installation’s performance. Unlike your original installer, Sunbility offers discounts on all labor, services and upgrades for all Membership Plan participants.

Call Sunbility FIRST. They have certified professionals who can often diagnose your service issues remotely, and can recommend the right course of action to get you back online.

Sunbility monitors your system for the duration of your Service Plan and will notify you as we see issues that impact your system’s performance. Sunbility sends you performance reports showing you how your system is doing- including essential tips that keep your system online and operating as it should, We also recommend new product offerings to keep you on top of the latest solar and home energy developments that will lower your electric bill and provide backup power when needed.

Sunbility Service Plans always offers discounts on every service and piece of equipment to be installed, no matter what your home solar system requires. Rest assured knowing you will receive the best rate on all solar products and services by the most qualified and certified solar team.

Sunbility’s Customer Support is always available to answer any solar questions you may have. Just want to know more about your system, or are thinking of adding more panels, a backup Tesla battery, an Electric Vehicle charging station or other accessory? We are here to help.

In Florida, the short answer is yes. Dust and pollen are most prevalent between May and October, and our cleaning service is up and running during those months. Ash from wildfires and debris can also prevent usable sunlight from hitting your solar panels. As a result, your PV system generates less energy – and you end up paying more for expensive grid electricity. Schedule your PV panel cleaning ahead of time as our calendar fills up quick through the season.

Yes, because we love animals! Removing unwanted critters safely is always our goal.