Solar Guide

When calculating energy that is produced by the sun, it’s been estimated that 150 to 300 watts per square meter is the given solar potential. This guide teaches you how solar energy works. In Tampa, FL, Sunbility not only installs solar panels, but we keep you informed about the industry.

How Solar Energy Is Converted into Electricity

Photovoltaics or (PV) is moving up as a widespread energy source for homes and businesses. This technology is what converts solar energy into direct-current electricity using semiconducting materials. The solar panels that constitute a photovoltaic system use solar cells that generate available power.

The Sun Power Advantage–A Sustainable Energy Source

Make use of the sun’s power and immediately reduce your carbon footprint. Becoming familiar with the benefits of solar power enables you to wean from fossil fuels that have a negative impact on both local and global environments. It’s inevitable, by definition, that non-renewable resources will be exhausted at some point in time. Take action now and open yourself to a resource that is virtually infinite, useful, and obtainable for all mankind.

Installing solar panels for residential and commercial customers comes with the added benefits of simplicity and ease of use. Creating energy-utilizing solar panels also means zero noise pollution. Fuel consumption, bulky moving parts, and expensive maintenance are things of the past when you choose the solar option. Live in the future by powering your home or business with the power of the sun.

Interesting Solar Energy Facts

By 2050, it’s predicted the largest source of all electricity will be from the sun.

Depending on location, you can save anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000 over the course of 20 years when you invest in the solar option.

After the oil crisis of 1970, solar energy soared as a viable alternative for energy in the wake of the instability of fossil fuels.

Several countries use solar energy to power spacecrafts for both manned and unmanned missions into outer space.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.”
-Thomas Edison

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